Monday, September 29, 2014

Alaska was a TSN the turning point for my snowboard career.  I did so well at that event, I landed a sponsorship with The North Face, you may have heard of them.  They are that company with cutting edge, state of the art, outdoor athletic technology for serious athletes like myself.  They helped me out so much over the last seven years and I praise them for this!

Everyone wondered who this small town Canadian girl was coming out of the gate pioneering a line that no female would approach that day, called, amptly so, "the mans line".   Since then, a lot of us females are starting to approach these so called"mans lines" which means, in one word, progression.  Progression is what keeps a sport exciting and tantalizing, which is probably why I am still competing to this day.. I want to be tempted and excited.  By the mountain and all of her faces and glories and knowledges which can be attained by being out there with her.

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